DENNIS RAY MARTINEZ  : Recordings February 23rd, 2007

Of course everything must change and the long awaited CD project has taken a back seat to two new projects. The re-vamped Lazuli Quazar, now the The Galaxy Machine has been busy in the studio. Come check out the originals on the website. While your there come check out my website, Dennis Ray Martinez on MySpace. My project From The Ether Dome, will eventually happen damn it! I know what Chris will say. ;)

I am now performing and managing the Funk band Fullhouse. It's a six piece dance band that keeps me out of trouble on the weekends. ;)

I am also playing bass for The Galaxy Machine, a great bunch of guys (including ace Guitarist Michael Nakagawa) in Seattle. Michael and I have worked together with the great Tom Blauhut, drummer extraordinaire, in the band Uncle Porkchop. Dig this cover of the song by The Music Machine, Talk Talk; Michael Nakagawa: Guitar, Tom Blauhut: Drums, Dennis Ray Martinez: Bass & Vocals.

And with my inspiration, the lovely Aysen Yesil.


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